TAASK Masterclass

TAASK Masterclass - Team training in Anesthetic Acute Situations and Crises

TAASK Masterclass is an advanced 3 day course for specialist and trainees anethesiologists, and for anesthetic nurses. Non-technical skills including leadership, followership, decision-making and communication are approached in a supportive, constructive and mainly simulation-based envirnonment facilitated by an experienced course faculty. Several short interactive lectures and a comprehensive airway workshop complement the simulation-based training.

TAASK Masterclass was held for the first time in 2013 as a project supported by SFAI (The Swedish Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine) with the aim of improving patient safety at a national level. Since then it has been run over 30 times for over 540 participants at 7 different centers. TAASK Masterclass consistently receives top grades upon review by its participants and welcomes new centers to host the course using our standardized and updated course material. The course has been run in Stockholm in English and we hope to run the course overseas as soon as the current Covid-19 situation has calmed down.

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Upcoming courses

Final decision that course will be run 4 weeks before due to Covid-19

TAASK Masterclass 36 Huddinge, 9-11 February 2021 Cancelled


TAASK Masterclass 37 Göteborg, 30 Mars - 1 April 2021 Fully booked


TAASK Masterclass 38 Karlstad, 17-19 May 2021 Fully booked

Fantastic course! Practicing the most critical situations in a realistic and safe environment gives me confidence for the future! All anesthesiologists should attend this course at least once!

Anna Larnmark

ST-läkare Anestesi och intensivvård

Falu Lasarett

 TAASK Masterclass is without doubt the most worthwhile course I have attended during my training. A perfect combination of challenging simulations of cases in anesthesia, followed by reflection in communication and work style. Strongly recommended!

Sarah Galien

ST-läkare Anestesi och intensivvård

Akademiska Sjukhuset Uppsala

The course is a must for every resident in anaesthesiology and definitely worth to repeat as a specialist, you learn a lot about your own reactions during stress and get reminded of the knowledge gaps!

Arash Izadkhasti

Specialistläkare Anestesi och intensivvård

Södersjukhuset Stockholm

TAASK Masterclass is organized by SFAI

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